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Omango Indian Food Journeys
We have designed our menu for our guests to experience the full flavors found across India by presenting our flavors in the format of your choice; Wraps, Curries or Tandoori.

Pay homage to the northern part of the country and select our Masala flavor in a Wrap filled with Chicken Tikka, Organic Tofu, Paneer or Veggies. Fans of hot, spicy foods will love our take on Goa’s Vindaloo flavor available in Wrap, Curry or Tandoori format. And, hot off the griddle, enjoy a south indian favorite, Dosa available Plain or stuffed with Masala or Chicken Keema and served with our hearty Sambar, just to name a few.

Guests may also experience Indian flavors in a familiar yet inventive format by trying our Naan Sticks (think Bread Sticks) or our spicy OMango Chicken Wings. Visit OMango and see where our tastes will transport you.
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