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Yes - We're Open During Construction! Here's A Shortcut!

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Yes, we know how bad it is to go anywhere on Route 59 right now, so we figured we'd show you the shortcut we use to get to work every day!

From the East

Avoid heading north or south on Route 59. Instead, take Ogden road to Quincy (turn West onto Quincy at the Cadillac Dealership), and follow that to Fort Hill Drive. Turn right on Fort Hill Drive (it becomes High Grove Lane).

Then just weave around that largely empty back road until you come to the light at Route 59. Then you just have to go straight across when the light turns. (No awful left turns on 59!)


From the West

If you're coming from the west, take Indian Trail Road to Hwy 14, then turn right on 14, heading south to Liberty St. 

Turn east on Liberty St. Then turn left on Meridian Parkway and that will take you to OMango without much traffic at all!



From the Southwest

Heading east on Ogden, turn left on Eola Rd. and follw that to Liberty St. 

Turn right on Liberty Street, heading east until you hit Meridian Parkway. Turn left on Meridian and that will take you to Omango. 

As you can see in the map, if you're a little closer to us, you can also access OMango by turning left on South Commons Drive, then take that to Liberty St. just as above.

Try these routes out and hopefully we save you a little bit of the Route 59 frustration we're all feeling! See you soon!


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